NERSANT Business 2016

2016 Edition

NERSANT Business 2016 was organized between 24 and 26 of October. More than 90 Portuguese companies and more than 60 foreign companies, from 26 countries, were present in Santarém Region (Angola, Austria, Brazil, Cape Verde, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, France, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, India, Iran, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Morocco, Mexico, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Ukraine and Vietnam, were the 26 delegations that participated in this international business event). More than 750 B2B meetings were held at Hotel dos Templários, in Tomar. It was a multi-sectorial event, with special emphasis on chemicals, construction, building materials, metalworking, IT, food, beverages, furniture, fashion, machinery, logistic, health and others.